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You have landed here for a reason!

Her personal journey has led her here as well! 

Since she was young massage was her communication.  When someone was not well massaging hands and feet, neck and scalp as well as cooking a meal filled with love and healing was her language of nurture. She grew up in a home where fresh garden veggies were eaten and canned, fresh tuna and fish in summer months then canned for winter months, deer meat was also abundantly found in our home, a root cellar for food storage and a pantry prepped for the unknown. Baked breads and homecooked meals intertwined with Friday night pizza, pasta, meat and potatoes.

During her 30's when she began to soul search once again, due to a spiral inward after many important losses of family members, an extremely stressful job, birth of a new baby and purchasing a new home with her husband. This re-introduced her and began the reawakening to holistic health.  Aromatherapy, reconnecting with spirituality, her faith, chiropractic, frequency therapy, acupuncture and more. Attempting to attend a massage school on several occasions but it was not until 2017 when it all aligned at the right time and place and heavily encouraged by my mother in law, mother and my aunt who saw my greatest potential combining all of my passions in the health and wellness world.

She had a calling to enter this space of healing and followed the path. 


Carrie is a heart centered, compassionate and spirit led practitioner who believes in the Mind Body connection. She will hold space for you, help ground you and work WITH you.  The session will be a team effort through discussing your goals for the session as well as long term goals for your wellbeing.  


She offers a calm, safe space, mainly for women, to find relaxation and self-connection to disconnect from the "Loudness of Life".  Carrie will dip into her toolbox of various techniques, essential oils, guided breathing and sometimes visualization. Your customized massage will be unique to your needs, as we are each uniquely designed.


Carrie offers mobile/in-home massage, retreat services near and far, corporate chair massage, gals day/night in,  wellness workshops and presentations around selfcare and mindset.  Chair massage and Reiki on Wind Therapy Sailboat during the summer and fall - Wind Therapy Wellness Retreats: Sunrise, Sunset and full day options!

"I am so glad you found me or were referred to me and look forward to working with you!"  Blessings, Carrie

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A message from Carrie:

“We as women are the center of everything. We wear many hats. We care for so many in our circle. Often we forget to care for ourselves. In some circumstances we may have a belief that we are not deserving or worthy of taking care of ourselves.  This is furthest from the truth!

​It is not a luxury to receive massage and energy work.  It is a necessity to sustain and maintain a happy and healthy inner space which ripples outward to our home, relationships, careers, lifestyles.  I can not wait to be apart of your selfcare for healthcare and join your journey of amazingness!

​I truly believe in the Mind Body Connection.  Our thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, emotions impact our physical health and wellbeing.  "We store our issues in our tissues" consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously these influence our overall health.”

Benefits of Massage

* Relieve Stress

* Reduce Anxiety

* Manage Low Back Pain

* Relieve Tension Heachache

* Better Sleep

* Ease Symptoms of Depression

* Help Lower Blood Pressure

* Help Chronic Neck Pain

* Aid In Better Digestive Function

* Activate the Vagus Nerve that Empowers Organ Functions

* Decrease Migraine Frequency

* Promote Relaxation

* Help Improve Overall Quality of Life

Image by Toa Heftiba
"Carrie's technique uses the right pressure and focuses on the problem areas with achieved results."
"Booking is very easy.  Carrie greets you and is very nice.  The session is very professional and excellent attention to expressed areas of attention. She follows up the day after which is great!"

Marco B

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