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  • Please arrive on time, but not too early.
    Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to allow for brief conversation or use of restroom. I aim to provide you the full time you booked for but if you arrive late I will need to deduct it from your massage. I often have sessions booked back to back.
  • Enjoy your massage!
    I absolutely love what I do! I am grateful for you choosing me for your massage experience. Your comfort and wellbeing is my top priority. This is a team effort. Your commitment to yourself in booking and showing up for your massage allows me to offer you the most benefit in achieving your goals for improved quality of life and optimal health and wellbeing!
    The best tip a client can offer a massage therapist is the word of mouth referral to friends and family! Your written and verbal honest feedback, rebooking and referrals are a lifeline for a small business owner!
  • Communication is Important.
    So you enjoy your experience and get the most out of your massage, please let me know if the pressure is too much, if you want more pressure, if the table warmer is to hot or not enough.
  • Please remember to turn off your phone.
    If you must receive emergency calls I understand. I remind you so that YOU can enjoy an uninterrupted massage and escape from the day to day.
  • New clients must complete a client intake form in advance of your massage session.
    All new clients are required to complete the client intake form in its entirety 3 days prior to their massage and return it back to Live Whole Massage & Holistics LLC. Should the massage be booked 24 hours in advance of the appointment the intake form must be returned by end of day prior to the massage appointment. This allows the therapist to review all health history to verify any potential contraindications or to modify the massage based on any medical or physical needs due injury or ailments. Thank you for understanding and your cooperation in advance.
  • #RespectMassage - Respect Massage!
    I am an ethical and professional massage therapist. I do not tolerate in appropriate conversation, behavior, requests or advances and WILL NOT tolerate it. I will end the massage and have you dress immediately - without a refund for the massage services. There may be potential of authorities being called and any future massage booking privileges being revoked.
  • Please undress once the therapist has left the room.
    You may be comfortable with nudity. I ask that you do not start undressing while I am still in the room. Wait until I have left the room to undress to your level of comfort and lay on the massage table completely under the top sheet and covers. If you choose to leave a bra on, I will work around the bra best as possible but I am unable to guarantee the best experience. I am trained on how to properly drape clients to protect your modesty as well as my own.
  • Your leg hair is no problem.
    I do not mind if you have unshaved legs or armpits as long as you have showered or are reasonably clean, we're all good!
  • Sheets are changed between client sessions.
    All bedding is replaced between clients. An EPA approved and required disinfectant is used to clean all surfaces between each client. An air purifier is also in use in the room.

Please remember to hydrate before and after your massage!

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