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Acupuncture and Massage - Perfect together!

Have you experienced an acupuncture session?

I was referred to Dr. Paula Redhead for acupuncture and herbal medicine. Nervous and not knowing what to expect I entered the office and was welcomed by relaxing music, atmosphere and energy of Dr. Redhead. I completed the required intake forms and waited in the cozy sitting area while she finished up with her pervious clients.

She welcomed me and brought me to a room which was inviting and comfortable with a massage table set up, an infrared lamp awaiting my session.

She introduced herself and reviewed my intake. Asked me to open my mouth to show her my tongue and looked in my eyes. "Why are you here" she asked. I explained my reasons for my visit. My current life journey is incredible and expansive which requires me to dedicate the time for regular self care. After all I am a massage therapist who help guide my own clients to commit to self care practices through massage, breath work, meditation or prayer, exercise, water intake, eating properly. I needed to do the work I preach right?! I decided acupuncture was going to be one of the additions to my own self care practice. Boy and I glad I did.

"Please take your socks and shoes off and lay down and get comfortable. The bolster goes under your knees. Would you like the blanket and/or heat lamp?" - Dr. Paula

"Yes and yes!" I replied. She guided me to take a few slow inhales and exhales to calm down and relax as she began to place the needles in the locations necessary. A few included my ankle, my wrist, the top of my head, etc. There was no pain. No discomfort.

"I will be back to check on you. Just relax" she stated as she left the room, closing the door. I could hear the music in the office playing softly while I began to sink into the table. About 15 mins or so passed and she returned to check on me. Leaving once again for a short time. Upon her return she began removing the needles and asked me to sit up. She explained what to expect after the appointment and to drink fluids. She provided me an herbal blend to assist me with what we had discussed, explaining how to use it and discussing when to return. She was very knowledgable and took time with me so I could ask questions, receive answers and made sure I understood everything.

What is acupuncture? It is a healing technique of traditional Chinese medicine which has been around for over 3,000 years. It is very safe and effective method for bringing the body back to balance to help relieve pain in the body as well as other benefits ranging from emotional disorders, digestive issues, chronic diseases and hormonal imbalances. Please be sure you see a trained and experienced professional. Tiny, thin needles are placed along acupoints/meridians of the body which run from head to toe. When the needles are placed correctly it can correct the flow of energy also known as chi or qi.

One of her long time clients is a friend of mine, who had referred me to her. My friend also shared with her that I was a massage therapist. Dr. Paula asked me a few questions and if I was interested in potentially providing massage services to her clients. I explained what my vision was in building my own business and how my schedule required being available to my family first and foremost as well as my current clients whom I value and am extremely grateful for. We discussed the possibilities and she asked me to provide her a massage in order to determine my skill and knowledge as well as get to know me better before offering me an opportunity. She was pleasantly pleased with her massage. This is where the opportunity begins... I do look forward to updating this blog along the way. I am excited for what the future holds. I do hope if you live in the area you will call to schedule your acupuncture session with Dr. Paula and a massage with yours truly!

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