Hand Massage

Client Reviews

I am blessed beyond measure and truly grateful for all of  my clients!

Renee M.

"I had a massage today unlike any other massage I have ever had.  Not only is Carrie warm and inviting but the care and passion she puts into knowing what you need and where you need it.  The best massage I have ever had!!!!"

Pam H.

" I was blessed with a gift card for a 60 minute massage at Live Whole Massage & Holistics and it was exactly what I needed to de-stress and revitalize myself! I loved that she incorporated essential oils into the massage to bring the experience to the next level.  It was 60 minutes of peace and relaxation and would highly recommend it to anyone! I have already booked my next massage for January and cannot wait!"

Hannah K.

"I feel absolutely amazing!  Thank you for your magic hands, an atmosphere of serenity and soothing words.  Carrie, you have helped me so much! More than I can describe."

Cheryl K.

" Did some self care this morning with an Amazing massage from my beautiful friend Carrie! She scanned my body for essential oils I needed and used some during the massage, then sent me home with a personalized blend!"

Kat B.

"I am still feeling the wonderful effects from my massage this morning!  Thank you so much Carrie! I look forward to next month.  Self care is so important and this is something I am definitely doing for myself Monthly! Thanks again girl! xo"

Carly D.

"I've been going to Carrie for my massages for about two years now and it has been a great experience!  She is so welcoming and always asks me if there are any specific areas that need extra attention since I exercise everyday...there usually is!  She adds so much value to the massage as well with the hot towels, aromatherapy and her genuine, giving self.  She makes sure you walk out of there feeling your best self!  Highly recommended!"

Holly C.

"Carrie is an excellent massage therapist! I have been seeing her regularly for lower back pain. She truly listened to my concerns and is helping to relieve this issue.  The massage room is warm, inviting and smells magnificent!  Can't wait for my next appointment!"

Alexandra M.

"I met Carrie at an event where she was giving free chair massages.  I sat down for 10 mins and she made me feel like a million bucks.  She has the magic touch.  My husband and I then had a couples massage a few weeks later with her and another therapist Lisa.  The business is clean, professional, affordable and most of all RELAXING.  She focused on some knots in my shoulders longer than any place I have ever been too.  She is my go to girl from now on!  I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed."

Sabrina F.

"Carrie is always calming and helpful.  You can tell she cares about setting a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and doing what she can to help you feel better! Whether it is by working longer on a muscle that won't loosen up or customizing what essential oil will work best for your individual needs.  She is a pleasure to do business with!"

Jamie J.

"Carrie is so caring and knowledgeable about her craft.  The doTERRA essential oils help relax and de-stress.  Her massage room is warm and inviting!  I love the warm towels and lavender eye pillow too!  Her massage is excellent and exactly what you need it to be!  She's conscientious of your needs so you feel that you're taking good care of yourself.  I recommend Carrie and Live Whole Massage 100%!!"

Kristy K.

"I can't tell you how fantastic Carrie is.  I have daily pain in my back from bulging and herniated discs.  This causes issues in my legs and feet.  Carrie not only gave me a fantastic massage concentrating on certain spots but finished with doing hip and leg stretches.  Top notch massage!! No need to go to a franchise location.  Beautiful, peaceful room with all sorts of oils.  Definitely recommend!!"

James M.

"Carrie has been keeping me in good shape.  She takes pride in her work.  I highly recommend her!"

Jamie O.

"I've known Carrie for a few years now.  She is the greatest friend a person could ask for.  She is awesome at what she does with massage and essential oils.  I would recommend her 100% to anyone!!!"

Joan J

"I love coming to Live Whole Massage & Holistics LLC.  From the moment you walk in, there is a feeling of peacefulness and serenity.  Carrie's massages are wonderful.  She is always attentive to how you feel and what you are looking for in your massage.  I love the way my body feels after the massage.  No tension and my skin is so soft.  Not only does my body feel good, free from aches, but also feel uplifted in spirit."

Brittany M

"If I get a chance to support small businesses I do.  When I needed a massage I called my girl Carrie instead of going to somewhere like massage envy.  I have major back and neck pain, as well as headaches lately, so medically I needed to take a break & get my muscles taken care of.  Carrie was amazing and I am not just saying that because she is my friend, I mean it.  Seriously my knots in my shoulders feel so much looser and my body is actually feeling relaxed!  Tell her I sent you and trust me, your body will thank you!"

Jennifer K

"Carrie is one of the best massage therapists I have worked with.  She is highly skilled at her practice.  She also has a caring heart for her clients.  Massages with Carrie have you feeling rejuvenated in body and spirit."

Rebecca H

"The best gift my daughter ever game me was a gift certificate for a massage with Carrie at Live Whole Massage and Holistics.  Life changing!!! Three years now as a regular and my overall health has improved.  Whether it's my back, shoulders, legs or feet that need special attention, Carrie's MIRACLE HANDS identify and skillfully hone in and address it.  I leave feeling renewed in body and spirit.  Thanks to Carrie's ongoing commitment to her profession and especially to her clients!!!"

Kevin G.

"Before coming to Carrie I have had a massage just once.  But then I went to her and she was amazing.  She is very good at her job.  I have been back at least 6 times in the last year and a half.  I really like the heated table, different oils and fragrances and the relaxing music.  You will not be disappointed!"

Danyele B.

"I just had the most wonderful therapeutic massage by Carrie.  She really is someone special who has a gift of awesome hands and such a gentle sweet soul!  Thank you so much Carrie.  I feel marvelous!"

Danielle R

"Carrie was amazing today!  She did such an amazing job and I can't wait to come back.  I highly highly recommend her! I've never felt so relaxed.  She truly cares about the job she does!"

Melissa S

"What an amazing studio! The space is relaxing and calming. I had the most wonderful massage at Naturally Empowered by Carrie.  I was pleasantly surprised by all the services offered and held there.  I'll definitely be back and encouraging my friends to check it out."

Nov 2019

Gema A.

" Carrie has wonderful hands and worked hard during my therapeutic massage. I’ve only had one session and my back feels so much better."

Body in Mind Massage Institute d.b.a. Phoenix Wellness Center

Sept 2020


" I had a great massage with Carrie at Body In Mind Massage Institute d.b.a Phoenix Wellness Center!"

Oct 2020


" Awesome therapist! Excellent skills. My 60 felt like a 90! with Carrie"

Body In Mind Massage Institute d.b.a. Phoenix Wellness Center

Oct 2020


" Best Massage I EVER got!"

Body in Mind Massage Institute d.b.a. Phoenix Wellness Center

Nov 2020

Patricia Hertz 

"A monthly massage works wonders for my well being. It is like a meditation. No stress, just re-charge. Thank you!"

John M.

" Carrie worked hard on targeted areas I was experiencing pain in due to an injury"

 Body in Mind Massage Institute d.b.a. Phoenix Wellness Center

Jan 2021

Jackie C

" Carrie at Body in Mind Massage Institute d.b.a. Phoenix Wellness Center, was wonderful. I had a awesome relaxing experience and can’t wait to come back "

Jan 2021

Morcos B.

" Carrie's massage was fantastic. Did a great job. I felt like a million bucks after the massage."

Body in Mind Massage Institute d.b.a Phoenix Wellness Center

Jan 2021

Sally W.

"Carrie is thoughtful and compassionate. A remarkably caring and skilled therapist."

Body in Mind Massage Institute d.b.a. Phoenix Wellness Center

Feb 2021

Trina H.

" Great Technique!"

Body in Mind Massage Institute d.b.a. Phoenix Wellness Center

March 2021

David J.

" She made me feel relaxed and did a marvelous massage on my shoulders."

Body in Mind Massage Institute d.b.a. Phoenix Wellness Center

March 2021

Theresa P.

"Got me in, same day, for a pain in my neck shoulder area. 

Slept like a baby! No pain at all! You're a miracle worker!"

April 2021

Devon P.

"Thank you for the wonderful massage, it felt amazing!"

June 2021

Steve C.

"Carrie genuinely cares about the well-being of he clientele. My massage was excellent

and I went home feeling great."

June 2021

Cheryl Ksaper

"I have been receiving massages with Carrie for several years.  I love that she takes a holistic approach to massage and really focuses on the body, mind and soul.  Carrie checked all the boxes for me when I was looking for a massage therapist.  I always feel like I'm floating on air after my massages with Carrie.  I highly recommend her!!"

February 2022

James Lawler

"Carrie is very professional.  I arrive feeling tense and leave feeling relaxed.  It is a great experience overall from booking an appointment to her kindness as she greets you.  She makes sure you are comfortable.  She also checks in on you a day or two later."


Karen Murray

"Carrie is very personable and offers a very relaxing environment.  I am tense upon arrival but leave feeling relaxed after a perfect massage. She is passionate about what she does. She is excellent!"


Theresa P.

"I have had the opportunity to experience massages all over the country and Europe.  I do not hesitate to say that Carrie is the very best massage therapist I have ever encountered!  I love the calming atmosphere of her spa.  I love her serene, confident and professional manner, but above all I love her massages!  I would buy lottery tickets in hopes of winning enough money to get one or two massages a week!  I guarantee that once you have a Carrie massage you will never go anywhere else!  She is a massage angel."

February 2022

S. W. 

"Before I met Carrie I wasn't completely satisfied after a session, but Carrie is extremely talented and professional.  She listens and treats areas of concern.  I love a great deep tissue massage.  I am so thankful I found her!"

February 2022

 Nicole F.

"As someone who suffers with anxiety, Carrie made me feel completely comfortable being on the table.  It is the most relaxing atmosphere and she has a calming tone.  I arrive stressed, tight and knotted due to a physically demanding job.  Carrie's healing hands, essential oils, soothing music is like receiving a complete spa package session with Carrie!"


Jan 2022

Stephanie F.

"Carrie is a compassionate, well-trained and kind massage therapist.  The massage is wonderful and provides relief."

Betty J.

"Carrie is a caring and compassionate massage therapist.  I schedule massages due to stress, tension and stiffness and feel so relaxed and amazing."


February 2022

Elsa Mena

"I met carrie a long time ago.  A friend gifted me a massage.  It was my first massage ever.  I was very very stressed due to the amount of work as a teacher.  She was very educated and articulate.  She has great communication skills and is flexible in scheduling.  I showed her where I experience pain and she provides relief.  I especially love the essential oils.


Jeff O.

"Carrie is very thorough and understands how to address issues with my health that affects my muscles.  I arrive feeling stressed and stiff and leaving feeling relaxed and calm.  She is knowledgeable, caring and thorough."

February 2022

Christina Rosetti

"Carrie is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever had.  She is caring, knowledgeable and very talented in her field.  She takes the time to tailor each session to your specific needs.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great massage!"

Sandy T.

"I have only had a few massages in my life.  Carrie is always more than accommodating.  She has a calm energy and makes every session feel authentic.  I love the intimate setting and all the extra added things such as the essential oils, neck wrap and hot towels.  I wish I could get a massage every day! 


Michelle W.

"I had a wonderful massage! I love the room.  Carrie makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, not a worry about life.  She explains everything to you.  I arrive stressed and leave relaxed."


Kacey Williams

"My massage is excellent.  I arrive stiff and tense.  I leave feeling relaxed and able to move.  Carrie is knowledgeable, strong and caring!"

February 2022

Tiffany Clarke

"I received a massage by Carrie at a yoga retreat with D & K Yoga Retreats.  The room smelled of relaxation and good vibes.  Carrie made sure I was comfortable and relaxed.  Carrie applied the right amount of pressure on my tense and stressed areas.  I felt calm and rejuvenated!  Carrie's calming energy is a bonus!