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Sometimes you have no words to express how someone can help you and today was one of those days. As a hairstylist I stand in awkward positions. My knee had a shooting pain when I went into a deep bend. After asking a few questions Carrie massaged areas I didn’t even realized were tight. After 5min of massaging and showing me stretches I have gone a full day with no shooting knee pain. I will continue to go to Carrie because of these reasons she cares, her knowledge and most of all the way she leaves me feeling after a a massage mind ,body and soul!
Thank you for everything.

Renee Monath

"Awesome therapist! Excellent skills. My 60 felt like a 90!" (Oct 2020)


"Feeling relaxed and zen after my massage! I highly recommend Carrie Villanueva. She infuses essential oils into whatever it is that you need. We had great conversation (if you like to chat) and connection as well. Ahhhh life is good! (Aug 13, 2020)

Jaime Z

"Carrie is an excellent massage therapist! I have been seeing her regularly for lower back pain, she truly listened to my concerns and is helping to relieve the issue. The massage room is warm, inviting and smells magnificent! Can't wait for my next appointment! (May 2, 2019)

Holly K

"Carrie was wonderful. I had a awesome relaxing experience and can’t wait to come back" (Jan 2021

Jackie C

"Worked hard on targeted areas i was experiencing pain in due to injury!!" (Jan 2021)

John M

"She made me feel relaxed and did a marvelous massage on my shoulders." (March 2021)

David J

"I was blessed with a gift card for a 60 minute massage at Live Whole Massage & Holistics and it was exactly what I needed to de-stress and revitalize myself! I loved that she incorporated essential oils into the massage to bring the experience to the next level. It was 60 minutes of peace and relaxation and would highly recommend it to anyone! I have already booked my next massage for January and can not wait! (Dec 28, 2018)

Pamela H

"Carrie has wonderful hands and worked hard during my therapeutic massage. I’ve only had one session and my back feels so much better." (Sept 2020)

Gema A

"Best massage I ever got!" (Nov 2020)


"Great Technique" (March 2021)

Trina H

"I decided to get a full body massage and target areas I have experienced long term pain, tightness, muscle atrophy caused by a life altering car accident several months prior. She targeted those areas and boy it made a huge difference. I'm a big guy and not just anybody can do my massages because they can't dig deep enough. Today I went to Carrie Villanueva for a full body massage with aromatherapy and can't believe how amazing my neck, back and sinuses feel. I am very happy with the services and the cost go along with it and I suggest 110% anybody looking for a great experience to contact her and set up an appointment. You won't be sorry. The amount of relief I have is so great that after 8 months after the accident, this is the closest I am back feeling the way I was prior to the accident. Looking forward to my monthly appointments." (Feb 16, 2019)

John M

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