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"Carrie's technique uses the right pressure and focuses on the problem areas with achieved results."

"Booking is very easy.  Carrie greets you and is very nice.  The session is very professional and excellent attention to expressed areas of attention. She follows up the day after which is great!"

Marco B

"Before my massage with Carrie I was tense.  The session was amazing. I felt cared for and was provided a lot of useful advice about body and issues that I saw her for.  She is knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring.  It was easy to book, the massage room is beautiful, an amazing session that completed with a water to hydrate and great information to follow up with."

Kristi D.

"Carrie's massage was my first massage. I felt so much better after my session.  She is friendly, awesome, and great at what she does.  It was relaxing and great!"

Kevin G

"Carrie's skill and her true care and concern for my wellbeing is what sets her apart from other massage therapists!"


"Carrie's studio has a welcoming, warm atmosphere.  Carrie has a wonderful skill who is professional and caring.  I leave so relaxed and feeling wonderful after my massage!  I enjoy everything about the experience!" 

Joan J

"Carrie makes booking a massage very easy, Her studio is amazing too!  The personalization of the experience made me feel very cared for!"


"Carrie is one of the best massage therapists I have worked with.  She is highly skilled and knowledgeable at her practice but also has a caring heart for her clients and makes you feel rejuvenated in body and spirit!

Jennifer K

"Before my massage session I am super tense.  The relaxing environment, Carrie's excellent and thorough massage techniques along with her calming energy allow me to leave feeling super relaxed."

Karen M

"Carrie stands out from other massage therapists because of her good energy and amazing hands. She is also very knowledgeable, caring and talented!"


"Carrie is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever had.  She is caring, knowledgeable and very talented in her field.  She takes the time to tailor each session to your specific needs.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great massage!"

Christina Rosetti

"Before I met Carrie I was not completely satisfied with my massage therapists.  I am so thankful I found her for my deep tissue massages! She is extremely talented, professional, kind, present and attentive.  She listens to my concerns for my session and treats the areas of concern."

Salli W

"My massage experience with Carrie at the D & K Yoga Retreat was excellent!  The aromatherapy and overall technique is very unique.  You target all the stress areas.  I enjoy the zen like environment you create as well.  You truly understand what is needed for each person!  I would absolutely refer you to family and friends!”

Eliza C - D & K Yoga Retreats

"Amazing massage with Carrie yesterday. She definitely focused on all my problem areas. Walked out of the session feeling relaxed and well replenished. Thank you again for the amazing massage."

Latoya B

"Carrie was absolutely amazing! She was kind, professional, and informative. I already booked another Energy Massage appointment with her!"

Heather H

"I had the great luck of having Carrie recommended to me by a FB group as I am fairly new to the area.  I had a 90 minute massage last week (August 25, 2022) when my body was very knotted up and super tight.  I have a few tough issues especially due to a herniated disc and a hip replacement so I tend to get very locked up.  Carrie took time to understand my issues and medical history and then took the next full 90 minutes to help unlock my body.  I could immediately feel the results and better yet the next day and beyond feeling those trouble areas completely loosened.   I was smiling and have been since with the ability to surf and move around with no tightness and fearing my lower back would tweak as can happen due to the disc issue.  I confidently recommend Carrie and trust you will be in the skilled hands of a true expert massage therapist."

Eric J

"I've known Carrie for a few years now.  She is awesome at what she does with massage and essential oils.  I would recommend her 100% to anyone and have!!"

Jamie Oneil

"I was blessed with a gift card for a 60 minute massage at Live Whole Massage & Holistics and it was exactly what I needed to de-stress and revitalize myself!  I loved that she incorporated essential oils into the massage to bring the experience to the next level.  It was 60 minutes of peace and relaxation and would highly recommend it to anyone!  I have already booked my next massage for January and can not wait! (Dec 28, 2018)

Pamela H

"Great Technique" (March 2021)

Trina H

"Best massage I ever got!" (Nov 2020)


"Carrie has wonderful hands and worked hard during my therapeutic massage. I’ve only had one session and my back feels so much better." (Sept 2020)

Gema A

"Carrie is very attentive to your needs.  I enjoy the aromatherapy. The session was very relaxing."

Jason C

"Carrie has a calming tone and has a wonderful ability to listen to your words and translate it to what is hurting in the body and make it better."


"Physically, I enjoy the whole massage experience! Mentally, I always leave way more relaxed! Aesthetically, the smell of the essential oils and soothing music is wonderful!  Altogether it made for an amazing 90 minutes!"

Nicole F

"I love the massages Carrie offers. The studio has a great ambiance. The session is super relaxing. We have great discussions and she is very professional and informative."


"Carrie has a great personality, is knowledgeable and professional, is talented and excels as a massage Pro with added kindness!"


"A monthly massage works wonders for my well being....Thank you!"

Patricia H.

"Before I get a massage from Carrie I feel stressed and irritable.  After a massage with Carrie I can sleep better, am relaxed and able to listen to my body more."


"When I have a massage with Carrie I know she will listen to my concerns, take her time, use the best quality essential oils and is genuine! She will take care of everything and I do not have to worry about anything!  She is professional, sincere and caring!"

Jamie J

"Carrie is a professional!  I walk in tense and leave relaxed.  It is a great experience overall.  I am greeted with kindness and make me feel very comfortable. She even follows up to check on her clients the next day!

James L

“I book my massages with Carrie monthly and mostly because of feeling stressed.  She is very knowledgeable, thorough and caring.  Her concern for my health is important and she understands how to address issues with my health! I always leave feeling relaxed and calm."

Jeff O

"Carrie is always more than accommodating when booking.  She makes it easy.  The atmosphere of the studio and sheer joy of being pampered after a work week with work fatigue is a special treat to my achy body! Carrie is genuine, compassionate and lovely! "


"Carrie is genuine, compassionate and lovely!  She has a calming energy and makes every session feel authentic."

Sandy T

"Carrie offers an excellent massage experience. She is knowledgeable, strong and caring.  I showed up stiff and tense.  I left relaxed and able to move!"

Kacey W

"My massage with Carrie was, as always, amazing!"

"You can tell Carrie truly cares about the wellbeing of her clients and always provides a relaxing experience for them.  Carrie makes it very easy to communicate your needs to her.  She makes her clients comfortable and address their goals."

"My favorite parts about the massage is the aroma and ambiance.  I like how Carrie always pays attention and gives extra care the places that need it most, mine being my shoulders and lower back"

Rachel Schenk

"Thank you for the wonderful massage, it felt amazing!"

Devon P

"Carries warm embrace, skills and healing touch left me feeling like a new woman. She created a space for me to completely let go and relax with an Energy Massage"

Patty S

"Had an amazing 90 minute massage with Carrie.  She made sure I was comfortable and took her time! (Some places make it feel rushed)  I will definitely go back to her again and recommend her if you're looking for a peaceful experience!" (May 14, 2021)

Jill O

"I met Carrie at an event where she was giving free chair massages.  I sat down for 10 minutes and she made me feel like a million bucks.  She has the magic touch.  My husband and I then had a couples massage a few weeks later.  This business is clean, professional and affordable and most of all RELAXING.   She focused on knots in my shoulders longer than any place I have ever been.  She is my go to girl from now on!  I highly recommend her! You will not be disappointed."

Alexandra M

"I decided to get a full body massage and target areas I have experienced long term pain, tightness, muscle atrophy caused by a life altering car accident several months prior.  She targeted those areas and boy it made a huge difference.  I'm a big guy and not just anybody can do my massages because they can't dig deep enough.  Today I went to Carrie Villanueva for a full body massage with aromatherapy and can't believe how amazing my neck, back and sinuses feel.  I am very happy with the services and the cost go along with it and I suggest 110% anybody looking for a great experience to contact her and set up an appointment.  You won't be sorry.  The amount of relief I have is so great that after 8 months after the accident, this is the closest I am back feeling the way I was prior to the accident.  Looking forward to my monthly appointments." (Feb 16, 2019)

John M

"She made me feel relaxed and did a marvelous massage on my shoulders." (March 2021)

David J

"Worked hard on targeted areas i was experiencing pain in due to injury!!" (Jan 2021)

John M

"Before my massage I felt stressed, a lot of muscle tension and uneven.  After my massage I was relaxed, calm and rejuvenated!!"


"I received a massage by Carrie at a destination Yoga Retreat organized by DK Yoga Retreats!  The room smelled of relaxation and good vibes.  Carrie made sure I was comfortable and very relaxed.  The aromatherapy immediately calmed my mind.  She applied the right amount of pressure on my target areas! Her energy is great and calming! I loved the whole experience" 

Tiffany C -  D & K Yoga Retreat

"I booked a massage with Carrie because of soreness in my glutes and quads.  She provided a wonderful massage that offered relief!  Carrie is a compassionate, well trained and kind therapist.”

Stephanie F

"I book a massage with Carrie because of tension and stiffness.  Booking a massage is easy and convenient. Carrie offers a caring, compassionate, relaxing massage and I end up feeling amazing!"

Betty J

"I hopped around to different massage therapists but couldn't find one that checked all the boxes.  I love that it's more than massage for Carrie. She focuses on mind, body and soul.  I love that she offers aromatherapy with quality essential oils and other holistic approaches.  I often see Carrie to reduce the stress and tension in my body and leave incredibly relaxed, mind and body."


"Carrie's magical hands work out all the stresses in my body and I feel so light.. like I am floating on air"


"Carrie responds quickly to schedule a session making booking very easy.  Carrie's calm voice is so welcoming and made me feel comfortable immediately."


"Carrie stands out from other massage therapists because she is professional and amazing offering more than just massage but a holistic approach to wellness."


"I have received massages with Carrie for several years.  I love that she takes a holistic approach to massage and really focuses on the body, mind and soul.  Carrie checked all the boxes for me when I was looking for a massage therapist.  I always feel like I am floating on air after my massages with Carrie.  I highly recommend Carrie!"

Cheryl K

"I met Carrie a long time ago when I received a gift card from a friend.  It was my first time ever receiving a massage.  I was very very stressed out due to the amount of work I have as a teacher.  She is very educated and articulate in her profession.  She has great communication skills. In addition, she is very flexible.  I showed her where I had pain and picked out specific essential oils to assist her with the massage.  I left feeling so much better!"

Elsa M

"I've had the opportunity to experience massages all over the country and in Europe.  I do not hesitate to say that Carrie is the very best massage therapist I have ever encountered!  I love the calming atmosphere of her studio spa.  I love her serene, confident and professional manner, but above all I love her massages!! I buy lottery tickets in hopes of winning enough money to get one or two massages a week!  I guarantee once you have a Carrie massage you will never go anywhere else! She is a massage angel!"

Theresa P

"I had a wonderful massage with Carrie! I arrived stressed and left relaxed. I love the massage room. Carrie made me feel so comfortable, explained everything since I was there for an ailment.  She did not rush the session and even provided additional time without charging me extra!  Carrie is sweet, caring and kind!"

Michele W

“I had the best experience from start to finish. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and rejuvenation.  As soon as I laid down on the table, it was the perfect temperature, the essential oils were calming, and the amount of pressure was exactly  what I was looking for!


Your massage helped relieve muscle tension from working out! Your  massage was so amazing I didn't want it to end. I could have stayed on the table all day!”

Mary V -  D & K Yoga Retreats

"My massage was wonderful!  I love the attention to detail, genuine care and concern, soothing setting and overall comfortable and enjoyable experience!  I definitely refer her services and provide my clients to her as well!”

Dennis M

"Carrie genuinely cares about the well-being of he clientele. My massage was excellent and I went home feeling great."

Steve C

"Carrie listens carefully to provide a massage that meets your needs/wants. Very thorough. Definitely will be returning"

Susan P

"Carrie's therapeutic touch is absolutely amazing!!!  She listens to my needs for my pains and aches and spends the right amount of time to really help relieve them.  She is very professional.  Her massage room is very clean.  She checks in for pressure.  She adds essential oils for added benefits too!  Carrie is highly recommended!!"

Jen M

"Carrie is an excellent massage therapist!  I have been seeing her regularly for lower back pain, she truly listened to my concerns and is helping to relieve the issue.  The massage room is warm, inviting and smells magnificent!  Can't wait for my next appointment! (May 2, 2019)

Holly K

"Feeling relaxed and zen after my massage! I highly recommend Carrie Villanueva.  She infuses essential oils into whatever it is that you need. We had great conversation (if you like to chat) and connection as well.  Ahhhh life is good! (Aug 13, 2020)

Jaime Z

"Awesome therapist! Excellent skills. My 60 felt like a 90!" (Oct 2020)


"Carrie was wonderful. I had a awesome relaxing experience and can’t wait to come back" (Jan 2021)

Jackie C

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