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Awaiting the Reopen of NJ Massage

Can you believe June is almost over?

Do you feel the time is flying by faster, while in "Shelter in Place"?

I truly miss providing you massage! I do look forward to getting back to it.

As most of you know, I work from my home as well as mobile in-home service. I have been following the updates regarding the opening back up of New Jersey. It seems as of right now that will not happen for maybe another month. Possibly starting back up sometime in July.

In preparation of the anticipated date for approval to reopen, which must be given by Govenor Phil Murphy, I have attached a Client Survey to obtain your honest feedback

about my services and your concerns regarding COVID 19 and it's impact on the massage industry.


You have an appointment today, you wake up not feeling well or sick. What should you do?

Call me and reschedule. I would rather you stay home and rest or contact your doctor. It is best for you to make sure you are not contagious and obtain any necessary supplements or medication you may need to get well.

I would prefer to reschedule your session, than for myself to get sick and possible pass it on to my other clients.

Symptoms I would ask you to stay home with:

Fever and related symptoms Respiratory issues GI issues

• Aches • Coughing • Diarrhea

• Chills • Sneezing • Nausea

• Unusual fatigue • Sore throat • Vomiting

• Very runny and/or stuffy sinuses


Please continue to stay in contact via email, Instagram: LiveWholeForLife, Facebook: CarriesLiveWholeForLife or by calling or texting me 732-894-0710

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