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Get the most from your massage.

Each person schedules their massage for a different reason.

For some, massage is a form of pain management. For others massage is for muscle recovery while training for a marathon or after their event. It is also fantastic for those who work in the fitness industry or train hard!

For many, massage has become part of their monthly wellness plan since the health benefits of massage include but are not limited to:

*assist in lowering blood pressure

*increase circulation

*reduce muscle tension

*create body awareness in how their posture, gait, position sitting or standing all impacts our muscular health and structure.

*improve sleep

*aids in focus and mental clarity

*assist in reducing anxiety

And more.

How can you get the most from your massage?

Before your massage:

1. Nourish your body!

Each individual's needs vary when it comes to what foods are best or how much water to drink. But always be sure to be well hydrated and have your blood sugar balanced as beat as possible before your massage.

2. Dress comfortably!

Everyone's schedule is different. Some schedule before work while others schedule for after work and many schedule when they have a day off. Dressing comfortably or bringing a change of clothes so you can be comfortable or loose fitting clothes after your massage is helpful!

3. Communication!

This is a very important aspect for massage, before, during and after your massage session.

As your massage therapist I will always discuss with you your reason for receiving a massage.

What is your goal?

A target area requiring treatment, complete relaxation without any targeted area, pampering with dry brush, foot scrub and rejuvenation?

During your massage, let me know if something is uncomfortable, if an area requires more or less pressure, if you are cold or too warm, if the face cradle needs to be readjusted!

After your massage I want your honest feedback as to whether you feel well or not. In some circumstances if you are not hydrated enough prior to, an individual could feel dizzy or extremely relaxed and needs a few moments to balance out bwfore leaving to drive home.

After your massage:

1. Ground yourself!

After your massage, while still on the table or as you lift yourself off the table to a seated or standing position, take a few slow deep breaths. Have a few sips of water which will also assist in bringing you back into your body. (I will always offer a bottle or cup of water before and after your massage)

2. Stretch!

After an hour or longer massage, your body and mind are typically comoletely relaxed. Stretch your arms and legs if needed to awaken your senses a bit after laying for so long and being so relaxed.

And if you can, when you get home or to where you are headed, take 5 or 10mins to stretch or do a few yoga posea that allow your body to flow and extend the relaxing benefits of your massage.

3. Relax!

A massage is an investment in yourself care. Make sure to be able to get the most from it. Try to schedule your appointment at a time when you can relax after. You may not always be able to due to your schedule. But even taking the additional 5 or 10mins after to move slowly and presently in your space can help prolong the benefits. Listen to music, read, nap, meditate.... have a cup of tea or a nourishing snack after.

Just be sure to acknowledge how your body feels before getting back into the business and chaos of life's pace.

Hope to see you soon!



Your Compassionate Massage Therapist 😁

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