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It has been a year since the world went into a "shelter in place" mode.

Most everyone is still wearing masks in public. Some are still leary of going out and about. So many changes and challenges are present with still many unknowns.

With the Covid-19 vaccination rolling out for distribution I felt it would be helpful to post a brief blog regarding massage and post covid vaccination.

The ABMP with stands for Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals released a helpful article providing some guidance because of all of this being new with many uncertainties.

I am very certain that the safety and wellbeing for my clients as well as myself and my family is of the utmost importance and concern.

Here is the article:

I respect each individuals choice.

I do believe your providing the dates of recieving the vaccine will allow us to determine a safe and more comfortable schedule date for your massage.

I am excited and hopeful to see more returning faces soon! I am here for each of you when you are comfortable and ready to resume receiving your massage and treatment plans.


Carrie - Your LMT 😁

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